Friday, August 22, 2014

Prints on Prints

Hey everyone !!! I've been dying to blog another outfit for this week and Finally got the time to be able to show you another side of me wearing something simple and natural look for a simple day ahah  LOL! I've been planning to do these shoot since forever but I never found the time ahah i'm glad that i just found a great place to shoot without people watching and away from those opinionated eyes. Lol! Tadaa .. "School Rooftop" Hahaha! It is much easier to shoot cause you wont worry about people around you and there’s enough wind to make you feel chill. but just remember when wearing this, Always be comfy and just be confident. to make things work! 
sorry for the against the light effect. So what do you guys think about this look.??

What I'm wearing  Top : Tank tops (Forever21 Me) Khaki Pants (Human Genes)  Spike Bag (Online shop) Watch (CASIO) Floral Boots (SM BAGUIO)

"Give them the right Attitude for them to Respect you"
Since the Tank tops from (Forever21 Men)  have a wonderful  print, I wore this Khaki pants from
 (Human Genes) to balance the colors . and I love how it turn 

Finishing this look with this awesome Boots from (SM BAGUIOLoving this pair of Floral boots because it’s really comfortable and it’s perfect for long walks for casual days! It’s like an all in one kind of shoes because you can wear it any time anywhere! It really fits my lifestyle and expect me to wear this more on my future outfit posts! hahaha!

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Photos by Clinton Cruz

Monday, June 23, 2014

Unwanted Strangers (BacktoSchoolOOTD)

July has come and it is the  officially rainy season in the Philippines. yeah! saying sweet goodbye to shorts and tank tops, Shouting  hello to Long sleeves and sweatshirts. It's quit amazing how a pair of shoes really gives a big impact to outfit, it can transform it or break it . I'm recently addicted on wearing boots because no matter what you pair , whether casual or laid back it really fits. Anyway this is what i wore on our first day of school ahaha Our Hashtag that day is #OOTD so everyone is free to wear anything what they want lol! . Its been a week since i shoot this but I never found a time to post this, I'm super busy arranging my schedule ,sorry for that P.S. I've got my new hairdowww Undercut baby! so what do you guys think about this look??

Some of the most exciting things about going to school are buying a new bag,smelling your new textbooks,picking new lunch box and my personal favorite, choosing a new shoes that defines your style!

What I'm wearing : Oversize Denim Polo (RalphLauren) SpikeBag (Online shop) Arm Candie (Sm accessories)
Net Stockings(Robinson) Shades (Chael Argonza) FloralBoots (Sm Baguio)

Because floral is forever . here is my soon to be abuse floral boots (Sm Baguio) . My sister gave me 2 floral boots as Birth Day gift this one and the other one soon on next post

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photos by Joshua Carino

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Pinetrees

I apologized  for not being able to publish any blogpost this past 2 months ahah . aside from the usual errands and fiesta events , i took a lot of trips from Pangasinan to Manila and Manila to Baguio.  So here's my first post for the month of May ahaha. Yay!!! After 12345678 years !! finally I'm here again at the "City of Pines"Baguio City woooh! :D  I'am so happy because I'am able to refresh myself and scape the super mega init at the City . The temperature was not that what i've expected so instead of wearing jacket  I wore my usual outfit for that day a White shirt,denim pants,boots and Longsleeve that I used as my wraparound ahah. Anyway what do you guys think about this look.?

What I'm wearing : White tee (Portside) Denim Pants (Lee)Sling Bag (Jansport/Bratpack)Arm Candies/watch (Sm accessories)Sunnies (Sunnies by Charlie) Boots (Trifted)

"Things you do for fun are the happiest day of your life"
Hi to my new baby , Sling bag from (Jansport/Bratpack) what I love in this bag is that its very convenient it can carry all the things I need everyday. Its perfect for and out of town trip .
Sunnies (Sunnies by Charlie) I always bring sunnies wherever I go specially on out of town trips. because I'll never know when will the sun strikes :)

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

By the Street

Let's take a break let's party woooohh! summer is love<3. i want to share 
 you guys and outfit post just to feel the summer vibe okay! I wore this outfit last month ahahaha. Yup. better late than never rigth and the earlier the better (anu daw..?? walang ganun ahaha) kidding aside lol. I still remember how the guards kept shooing us a way while we were shooting this look. ahaha kinda awkward because the guard keep on looking ahaha lol. We would just stop for a bit and shoot again once the turns his back. hahahahaah! wore this to a simple hangout with friends. so what do you guys think about this look.?
What I'm wearing : White tee (Oxygen) Denim vest (Mother) Denim Pants (RedGirl)
Sling Bag (Penshoppe) Spike Bag (Online shop) Arm Candies/Necklace (Sm accessories)
Hat and Creepers (Jash Zareno)

Stop chasing your dreams. Start making them a reality.

Say hi again to my ultime favorite SPIKE BAG ahaha. been abusing this lol . and my new baby Sling bag (Penshoppe) 

aww.! This oxford creepers totally rock . Its perfect it match all the look and it is not hard to pair with. I just borrowed this from a friend Jash Zareno (FB)for my fieldtrip . Super cute and addorable right.?

My over use and abuse Hat also fr. Jash Zareno

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RaRa XoXo

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Magic Stays with you .. ENCHANTED KINGDOM

Time has been absolutely flying by so fast. I can't believe it's almost April. Few things have changed but so much more changes is coming my way. This was taken last February 21,2014 a day were all excitement has made , It's kinda weird thing while I was typing this a lot of memories flashing back on my mind ahaha. I don' t know why (brr! Dramakonanaman) Missing already the joy and laughter we shared that time. Can't wait to go back here .this year will absolutely involve a lot of growing up. I want to make this year a successful one in all aspects of my life. It's just a matter of hope and prayers. Here are some picture i captured that day Enjoy!! :)

Rides we Ride ahaha.!

I told you , my day will not be completed without Selfie aahah. #Selfieanywhere

This Ride make me say some sh*t!!! but definitely my Favorite one:)

Till we meet again SPACE SHUTTLE <3
What I'm wearing : Tank tops (Folded and Hung) Wraparound (Bench) Denim Pants (HumanHat (Jash Zareno)
Sling Bag (Penshoppe) Spike Bag (Online shop) Arm Candies/Necklace (Sm accessories

It's ok to act weird sometimes ahahaha. nevermind all i know is I'm in the Happiest place in Laguna lol :)

Here's havaianas where's wally i love it , super duper very Comportable and it match to everything .

I just love this shoot :3 Thank you Jj Garay (FB) xoxo <3

With my Love Eldar <3

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RaRa .